a summary of the PGA preparation meeting Thessaloniki

Submitted by vlanto on Wed, 2007-11-14 13:38.

The meeting took part in DELTA squat in Thessaloniki on 19th, 20yh and
21th October, around 20-25 people were present.


Friday, 19.10.2007:

1. Short introductions from different individuals and collectives. There
were people from Greece, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany,
2. Evaluation from the PGA inspired infotour - ideas, proposals and so on

(this part ot the minutes we miss the most...)

Saturday, 20.10.2007:

1. Evaluation of the last conference in France
2. Convenor collective for the next conference, organizational process ,
way of organizing the next conference and location an dates

(also some notes from 2. are missing, because of the robbery... )

Sunday, 21.10.2007:

1. Discussion about the digitall tools, especially balkan infoshop site
2. Proposals for common actions in the Balkans
3. Greek meeting
4. Presentation and discussion about the Call for solidarity with squats
and authonomous spaces
5. Presentation and discussion about the anti-NATO actions in the begining
of next April (4th and 5th) in Romania
4. Biotechology meeting during the pga preparation
5. Evaluation of the preparational meeting in Thessaloniki


1. About the next PGA conference: No single collective wanted to take the
responsibility of organising the next pga meeting, so the idea now is to
make small decentralized meetings in different places in Greece on
different topis and then one big centralized meeting, but dates, location
and topics are still unclear. The next greek meeting after 1 month maybe
will decide them;
2. Making a 2nd preparational meeting during the anti-NATO protests in
Romania: not surely confirmed;
3. To make balkan infoshop network - a new site (or as part of
pgaconference.org) for connecting collectives and activists from the
countries from the Balkans and giving the visibility of the local
struggles: the maillinglist was created, ideas about the site - already in
progress, hopefuly it will be ready soon...
4. Also idea about smaller - to be decidedmeeting for the collectives on
the Balkans
5. Ideas about common actions on the Balkans:
a. sweatshops in bulgaria, owned by greek capitalists
b. students protest in greece � actions in front of some greekowned banks
in bulgaria
c there is a teachers� strike in bulgaria for 5th week for better payment
(now 150 euro per month) � protests in other cities on this topic if
someone wants - make contact between teachers from greece, who are in
common situation and from bulgaria also these in romania, who already
d. Greece and Turkey � changing the historybook
e. squatting caravans?
f. make contact with bulgarian immigrants that work in greece
g. ways of action can be �exported� from one country to an other � help
collectives in local places get stronger
6. Next issue of the PGA inspired newsletter: bulgarian collective
"AnarchoResistance" took the responsibility
7. New PGA insired infotour to be made in the winter - spring in
post-yugoslavian countries
8. To change the dates of the international squat and authonomous spaces
action days, because the anti-Nato protests in Romania are on the same