report from the demostration the last day of the PGA conference 08

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On 24.08.2008, in the greek city of Alexandropoli , there has been a demonstration against the planned oil pipe-line Burgas-Alexandropolis and the gold-mine construction project. The main organizers were the autonomous groups “AnarchistResistance” (Sofia), Utopia A.D. (Komotini), as well as some activists from Turkish collectives.

The demonstration was organized here, despite the fact that none of the collectives is from the city, for the following reasons.

1st Main Meeting Of Balkans Decentralized Network North Greece (Thrace) 21st - 23rd of August 2008 during the PGA Gathering

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Balkan Decentralized Network

This network is a result of a long process and discussion about digital
tools and physical meetings which we, grassroots, autonomous,
anti-authoritarian collectives from Balkans and beyond need in order to
make our struggles more visible and powerful.
We are activists from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Serbia,
Slovenia who are involved in local struggles but always with a global
The idea of this network came out from the last PGA inspired infotour,
September 2007, when two activists traveled together in seven countries in

PGA inspired newsletter #4

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Hello everybody! This is the 4th issue of the PGA inspired newsletter!

You can download the file for reading from here:
and the file for printing from here:

At the PGA-conference in Dijon a need for a non-digital communication-tool was mentioned.
There was an idea to refresh a printed newsletter. We would like to continue the project with this call.

5th Peoples' Global Action Gathering in Europe – North Greece/Thrace18th / 25th of August 2008

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5th Peoples' Global Action Gathering in Europe – North Greece / Thrace 18th / 25th of August

final report from the PGA inspired infotour Post Yugoslavian region March 2008

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We started on Sunday march 3 from nis. We traveled by night so we could be
in Zagreb earlier and also to bribe the ticket boy. We were lucky, we
bribed from nish to lapovo, from lapovo to Belgrade and from Belgrade to
shid, it was great, the only bad thing was that we couldn’t sleep because
we needed to remember the stations because there was risk of ticket

Croatian border was ok. We arrived in Zagreb in early afternoon. Sunny
and Nataly waited for us and we went to Zboux flat to eat Stenko joined
us there and we went to park and then to tourist walk around. The

call out to join the meeting in Maribor 3-4 of March

Submitted by vlanto on Thu, 2008-02-21 14:06.


Radost obrata ¾ - Joy of revolt ¾

3-4 March 2008, Maribor, Slovenia

On 03 and 04 of March 2008, a multi-vitamin festival of free exchange, called
�Radost obrata 3/4� (Joy of revolt 3/4), will be held in Maribor. The festival
will host numerous active individuals and groups from different parts of Europe,
who are all, each in their own way, fighting bio-political and eco-social
catastrophes, brought on by the neoliberal and nationalist ideologies.

PGA 2nd PREPARATIONAL MEETING in Maribor Slovenia cultural center pekarna 3rd to 4th of March 2008

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PGA 2nd PREPARATIONAL MEETING in Maribor Slovenia() 3rd to 4th of March 2008

Peoples Global Action inspired post yugo infotour march 2008

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Peoples' Global Action inspired post Yugoslavian infotour 2008

a call to all antiauthoritarian , grassroots and anticapitalist collectives on ex yugoslavian region that are willing to host that project

purpose of the tour is announcing of coming PGA conference in Athens 20th to 27th of august 2008 and involving more people in the PGA network and in organisation of conference. Tour also wants to connect activist groups and autonomous individuals on former yugoslavia and balkan region email contact of the coordination collective of the tour malo_kucence at

PGA 5th European conference International preparation Meeting in Thessaloniki 19th - 21st of October 2007

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Peoples Global Action 5th European conference

International preparation Meeting in Thessaloniki

19th - 21st of October 2007

Help and ideas are needed to organize the next conference and to go on
with the pga dynamic.

We would like to anounce a preparation European meeting of the PGA process
in Thessaloniki the third weekend of October.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss the topics, location, time and
of the conference and continue building contacts within the PGA process.
We want to go on working on the constitution of the next convenor

Balkan PGA Infotour September - October 2007

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The network peoples global action is a global project inspired by zapatista insurrection and the new forms of internationalism developed in the 90s. But what does PGA mean?

From the 23th until the 25th of February 1998, movements from all around the world met in Geneva-Switzerland to discuss the idea of a network of resistance against the global market and the WTO. PGA is a network based on decentralisation and autonomy, a network without representatives, members or juridical personality.