PGA inspired newsletter #4

Submitted by vlanto on Mon, 2008-04-14 14:14.

Hello everybody! This is the 4th issue of the PGA inspired newsletter!

You can download the file for reading from here:
and the file for printing from here:

At the PGA-conference in Dijon a need for a non-digital communication-tool was mentioned.
There was an idea to refresh a printed newsletter. We would like to continue the project with this call.
Our aim is to continue using this newsletter as forum of debates, different project, actions and struggles of collectives, related to PGA. The newsletter does not speak in the name of the network, but is inspired by PGA.

Therefore it will continue to be an autonomous project with subjective views, but can only
work through the participation of various collectives and single persons in the network.
This project should be an open process and switching workgroups take the responsibility for
each issue.

The group, working on the next issue, announces their idea for next issue and sets a deadline
for articles (both on the pga-process list). After layouting and publishing it’s also helpful, if the workgroup cares for skill-sharing with the next group (which means to introduce in the tools,
used for the newsletter). The final printing and distribution is like the creation of article in the responsibility of all the collectives and single persons in the network. To make the next
newsletter a better instrument of information and perhaps more open to global struggles,
please send articles