Existing infopoints

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This is the current list of PGA infopoints


Asturias - Escanda

Address: Escanda, Ronzon - Pola de Lena - Asturias, 33637

Phone: 0034985493696

Email: escanda-info@gmx.de

Description: Escanda is an international collective. A space for the interaction and the cooperation between groups of people, networks and movements. Escanda is a space for practicing and experimenting how to live together, without exchange relations and with horizontal structures. The common thread is non-hierarchical, anti-capitalist grassroots movements, with an emphasis on the environment. We are working towards the ecological and egalitarian production of the food and energy we consume. However, this is not a rejection of the modern technology that our collective human knowledge has produced. We enjoy our cinema and sound systems as well as our home produced cider!

It is base where people could hold meetings, plan projects, find others to work on specific projects or network with. We form part of the global movement against capitalism and our we promote a process of international training and skill-sharing on issues such as permaculture, renewable energy and social change. We have organized anti-capitalist seminars and conferences, worked together with independent media outlets, participated in civil disobedience and direct actions, produced publications...

Keywords: gender,autonomous spaces, independent media, popular education, ecological struggles, health autonomy, collective kitchen, anti-capitalism/anti-neoliberlism, no-border/anti-racism, indigenous struggles, digital struggles, anti-industrial, surveilence and social control, anti-repression, youth/social uprisings, agriculture/peasant/access to land, (all) permaculture, renewable energies


London - London Action Resource Centre

Address: 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES, UK

Phone: 020 7377 9088

Mail: info at londonarc.org

Website: http://www.londonarc.org/

Description: a collectively run building providing space and resources for people and groups working on self-organised, non-hierarchical projects for radical social change.


Mail: adminwombles@hotmail.co.uk

Website: http://www.wombles.org.uk and http://www.wombles.org.uk/topics/pga

Description: Wombles.org.uk is Based in the UK but international outlook, is a web site featuring news and information for anti-capitalist anarchist direct action. Main features include coverage of radical prisoner solidarity, noborders, social control, squats/free spaces, indigenous rights, surveillance technology, mass mobilisations (G8, APEC..).

We also aggreagte over 60 newswire sources by RSS to create themed or keyword-filtered steams of external news articles.

Keywords: autonomous spaces, independent media, ecological struggles, anti-capitalism/anti-neoliberlism ,no-border/anti-racism, indigenous struggles, digital struggles, surveillance and social control, anti-repression, against olympics, alternative culture

Rising Tide UK

Description: Rising Tide UK is a network of groups and individuals committed to
taking direct action on the root causes of climate chaos, and to
building a movement for climate justice. It is part of the growing
international Rising Tide network, which shares the analysis that
climate change is a direct symptom of power inequalities in the
world, and that we need to address these in any meaningful attempt to
deal with the current climatic emergency.

Mail: info@risingtide.org.uk

Website: www.risingtide.org.uk and http://www.artnotoil.org.uk

Phone:07708 794665


Dijon - Espace autogéré des tanneries

Address: 17 boulevard de Chicago, 21000 Dijon, France

Phone: 00 33 (0) 3 80 666 481

Mail: tanneries at squat.net

Description: l'Espace Autogéré des Tanneries is a squatted autonomous social centre, hosting subversive, political and social activities in a post-industrial environment. It was opened in 1998, and has reached a certain degree of stability, thanks to years of struggle against the city council, which owns the occupied buildings. The place hosts regularly activists events and has a collective house, gig room, hacklab, free shop, infoshop, collective garden, free shop...

Keywords: gender - autonomous spaces - independent media - ecological struggles - health autonomy - collective kitchens - anti-capitalism/anti-neoliberlism - digital struggles - anti-industrial - surveilence and social control - anti-repression - youth/social uprisings


Berlin - Carambolage collective

description: Recognizing the need for an international space for activists in Berlin,
the Carambolage Collective is issuing a callout for people to join our
efforts in creating a dynamic meeting space and a People's Global Action
(PGA) Infopoint. We invite anyone who is interested in helping to
realize this vision, on a conceptual as well as a task-oriented level.
We hope that activists will find out about what is going on and make
connections here, talk to each other and give feedback.

Address: Glocal Office, New Yorck 59 / Bethanien

opening time: Plenary :19:00-21:00 Uhr every Tuesday


Mail: carambolage@riseup.net AND berlin-info@lists.riseup.net

Keywords: autonomous spaces, independent media, digital struggles, anti_repression, anti -militarism agriculture/peasant/access to land (especially biotechnology) rebuilding the infopoint network in germany

Berlin - blog with info about PGA and beyond

description:this blog has been created by activists who involved with X-install autonomy collective. This collective has unified with Carambolage. We decide to keep that blog online as well as maintain it because its a bit popular and linked with several other websites and blogs from Germany and beyond.

address: berlin-infopoint.blogspot.com

keywords autonomous spaces , international struggles , PGA , actions , biotechnology

Dresden - PGA-Infopoint

Address: c/o Infoladen Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden, Germany

Mail: apfelmus (at) riseup (.) net
PGP encryption public key

Keywords: autonomous spaces (trying to set up a new social centre), independent media (free radio in dresden), anti_capitalist (umsonstladen - free shop), anti_repression (action against camera surveillance in the quarter)


Address: Infoladen Schwarzmarkt, Kleiner Schäferkamp 46, D-20357 - Hamburg, Germany

Phone (infoshop)*: 040-446095

Mail: schwarzmarkt-pga@riseup.net

Website: hamburg-infopoint.blogspot.com

Description: a part of the local infoshop Schwarzmarkt, a corner of folders, zines and other media with a regular open meeting once a month.

Keywords: internationalism - distro - squat solidarity - ecological
campaigns - anti-g8 - eastern europe


Address: Wernsdorfer Str. 10, D-15537 Neu Zittau, Germany

Phone: 49-3362-887303

Mail: friede at kesselberg.info

Website: http://kesselberg.info/

Description: a wonderful green world without money, exchange logic nor any discrimination.

Keywords: autonomous spaces - ecological struggles - health autonomy - collective kitchens - anti-capitalism / anti-neoliberlism - indigenous struggles


Athens Infopoint and infoshop

Address: Autonomous Center, zoodohou pigis 95 - 97 EKSARHIA, Athens

Phone: +302103800907

Email: autonomous_gr at riseup.net (PGA contact), autonomosteki@mailbox.gr (social centre contact)

Website: PGA Athens wiki and autonomous anticapitalist network

Description: Autonomous center-Athens hosts a weekly meeting of the activists who involve with the process of autonomous center is every Monday 20.00

keywords: indymedia tools , autonomous spaces , precarity , biotechnology and environmental issues

Athens and beyond DIYmusic.org

Website: DIYmusic.org

Description: diymusic is a website that focuses and supports : spaces, squats, collectives, individuals, art activities beyond and against commercialism. Diymusic is a selforganised (do it your self) digital
space. Everyone can share skills, info and ideas related with the main aim of the effort - diymusic.org

Keywords: autonomous spaces, diy activities, non commercial arts, indymedia tools, digital struggles

Contact: info at diymusic.org

Patra (southern greece)

PGA infopoint - within autonomous squated space in Patra's university

contact: patrasinfopoint at gmail(.)com

keywords: autonomous spaces , student struggles

infopoint's other interests:exchange materials with the various infopoints in Europe . Physical address would be anounced soon. for further communication please use our email address

Komotini North Greece

Utopia A.D collective

contact: utopia_ad at riseup.net

description: a local anarchist group

The Netherlands

Eurodusnie collective

Address Koppenhinksteeg 2 / Hooglandse Kerkgracht 42312 HX Leiden The Netherlands

Phone 071 5136955

Email inf@eurodusnie.nl

Description: post-parlimentarian collective which runs a social centre with several social-political initiatives focused on local, national and global issues.

Keywords: autonomous spaces - independent media - ecological struggles - collective kitchens anti_capitalist - surveilence and social control - European issues


Istabul - "kolektif ego" collective

Email: kolektif_ego@gmail.com

Keywords: cultural jamming, antimilitarism, post anarchism, post structualism, anti patriarchy, sexual orientation, anti racism


Sofia - Anarchoresistance collective

Email aresistance@riseup.net
Website: http://aresistance.net
Description: We struggle for radical changes in society. Our aim is to build a revolutionary movement that will stand against capitalism and the state, against imperialism, against patriarchy and all others forms of domination.

Keywords: anarchism and anti-capitalism/anti-neoliberlism; anti-nationalismanti-authoritarianism; human, animal and earth liberation, independent media

Razgrad - Infocenter Ecotopia

Email infocenter.ecotopia@gmail.com

Description: Infocenter “ECOTOPIA” is the first counterculture youth space in Bulgaria. It has free library and a reading room where you can find materials about the environmentalism, the struggle of the oppressed people and communities around the world, animal rights, vegetarianism, anarchofeminism, anarchopunk etc.We have been starting doing film screenings there and organize discussions, presentations, exhibitions, concerts and other activities. more info about ECOTOPIA infoshop check at http://aresistance.net/ecotopia

physical address: Trapezica #1, Razgrad 7200

Keywords: anarchism , enviromentalism , anarchopunk , DIY , animal rights , anarchofeminism

DIY - Bulgaria

description: diy.aresistance.net is a website that spreads information about the hardcore/punk scene, animal liberation issues, vegan lifestyle and autonomous projects. The website supports and hosts various independent projects and collectives as Katarzis Collective, Infocenter Ecotopia, diy zines and independent artists. It's main idea is to build tighter, more active DIY scene in Bulgaria. more info: about diy music and the PGA infopoint session http://diy.aresistance.net/pga

keywords: : diy activities, non-commercial arts, vegan, animal liberation, anarcho-punk,

email: diy at aresistance.net


Tel Aviv Salon Mazal infoshop

Email info at salonmazal.org

Website: http://salonmazal.org

Address: Simta Almonit 3 - Tel Aviv 63266 - Israel, Middle East

Phone: 03-6297734

Description: Infoshop, bookstore, library, meeting space and cafe. Events and screenings. Israeli PGA infopoint.


Ljubjana - (A) INFOSHOP

INFOSHOP has a small library and archive for material. It provides users with internet, computers and sells/distributes books, newspapers, fanzines, CDs, shirts... The permanent Freeshop is a project that tries to enhance a free exchange of clothes and other things. Least but not last, many different activities are organized ranging from lectures, film mights, discussions, workshops to meetings.

Email: a.infoshop at gmail.com

Address: Skratova citalnica (za infoshop) - METELKOVA 6 - 1000 LJUBLJANA SLOVENIA

Blog: http://a-infoshop.blogspot.com

Maribor Infoshok collective


Infoshok is nonformal, nonprofit, selforganized local coalition of collectives and
individuals from Maribor. It shares informations and coordinate activites of groups
which are involved in local struggles. It exist only on the web page and mailing
list. It has no space. Infoshok aims to be a generator of progressive culture of

Blog: http://infoshok.wordpress.com/


Budapest - Morze infoshop

Post address : 1182 Budapest, HUNGARY, Haromszeki utca 7/c

visit address : Budapest, HUNGARY, Tu"zolto' utca 33/a

website: http://metatron.tx.hu

opening time : Opening time: Friday and Monday 16:00--21:00

phone: 00 36 20 530 570 4

Mail: maxigas*anargeek.net, vada*mailbox.hu, ovis.bp*gmail.com

Description: Morze is an infoshop in Budapest with a public library of
anarchist and other critical materials in several languages. We
maintain an archive of fanzines and have a lot of books on Marxist,
Negrist, Postanarchist theory and history. People behind the infoshop
also pursue different activities in the same space: freeshop, cinema,
discussions, food cooperative, free language courses and
correpetation. We focus on building counterpower and setting up
autonomous infrastructures. We are keen to talk to other groups and
exchange materials and ideas.


PGA infopoint in St.Petersburg

address : POBox 103, St. Petersburg, 190013, Russia

email : zilonis at mail.ru, nag8spb at mail.ru

keywords : independent media, ecological struggles, no-border / anti-racism /
antifascism, anti-repression



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