How to become an infopoint?

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2007-02-05 19:34.

Fill out the following form, and send it to pga-infopoints at pgaconference dot org.

A number of people from the conference are taking the initiative to update and improve the PGA infopoint system. The idea for PGA infopoints was initially discussed at the Leiden Conference in 2002 as a better way to spread information on the PGA network and to build connections between our active struggles. Infopoints were seen as important because PGA does not have membership nor is an organization but needed a way to share our history with others.

More concretely, infopoints succeed by taking local initiative to outreach with groups in your area and promoting the PGA network as a communication tool for our struggles. We are also trying to assemble a package of documents to make this distribution of info more simple. Its also encouraged to adopt the documents to your own local needs and contexts. Having a functioning network of infopoints will strengthen our communication and provide important visability for the network.

As you may know the Infopoint List for europe is terribly out of date so we wanted to ask you a few questions.


Street Address

City, Country, Postal Code



Were You a previously existing/ listed infopoint?

Are you on the PGA_Process List? (Its been suggested that infopoints can use this underused listserv to stay in contact)

Is your infopoint a physical space (ie social centre) or digital space (just email)?

Please include a short description (a few lines) and keywords of your collectives aims, objectives, projects to be included on the site.

Which of the following keywords can describe your activities: gender, autonomous spaces, independent media, ageism/de-schooling, ecological struggles, health autonomy, collective kitchen, anti-capitalism/anti-neoliberlism, no-border/anti-racism, indigenous struggles, digital struggles, anti-industrial, surveilence and social control, anti-repression, youth/social uprisings, agriculture/peasant/access to land, other.

Are there resources that you can share with other infopoints? (copies, postage, etc.)

What information about PGA would you like to see in the infopoint kit?

What translations do you need and can you help to translate PGA Docs?