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Caution: inscriptions for Bellevue are complete!

If you want to take part in this conference, please fill in the following questionnaire.


We of STAMP, are wary about putting out a questionnaire which can seem somewhat bureaucratic, but we are at the same time aware of the importance of details when trying to organise this conference as best we can. We aren't cops; we are just trying to make the conference as good as we know it can be.

Even more embarassingly we will have to ask a few questions about money, that delicate and taboo subject, basically cos we are all in different situations financially speaking and clearly some people are worse off than others. In practice, we are trying to keep things as cheap as possible (using skipping, work exchanges with agricultural producers, hitching, helping each other)

Of course, some stuff/services will cost money which is why the conference isn't free: transport enabling people to come,accounts for a large proportion of the costs. Also food, water, electricity, photocopies.

We prefer to work with a pay what you can system, that is, we work out approximately the costs per person, and then each person gives what he/she can afford and hopefully it will all work out.

The main problem is that our budget to help travel costs is pathetically small: at the moment, there's some money from a benefit gig in Geneva, but all our applications for grants have failed.

This is why, initially, we are insisting that costs are as reduced as possible and that each person can try to get here either by hitching or lift sharing.

However some people are coming from very far away and for them it is obviously going to be very expensive. We don't think it's fair that geographical proximity should be a factor in whether you can afford to come or not, so it's those people who we hope to help. We don't want people not to be able to come because they live too far and it's too expensive.

At the last conference in Belgrade, we made some really good contacts and we want to continue to reinforce the links between East, West and Central Europe.

This conference being in Western Europe, we don't want our friends from say, Serbia, not to be able to afford to come.

Clearly we can't commit to covering all the costs. This questionnaire will permit us to find out who needs what, who we can help, even though we feel a bit uncomfortable with making those kind of choices.

So, this form is a kind of filter, but not a file! Names ect are only neccessary for visa requests.

We want also to encourage those who are interested in the pga itself, and emphasize that this is not a hippy festival, nor a trotskyist conference, and all those who attend need to be aware of our hallmarks!

So this form is a logistical neccessity not a snooping device.

It will also permit us to coordinate translation, different needs, different workshops, new themes, and skill sharing. It will give us an idea of how much demand there is for financial help. Plus it will be easier to apply for grants to certain organizations if we have specific details of actual cases of need and we can therefore put the organizations in touch with the individuals concerned.

All information given will be confidential and will be destroyed at the end of the conference unless you wish to be included in a list of contacts that we will create for future pga europe conferences.