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During the Conference

  • Practical Guide to the structures, organisation, and practices of the conference.
  • Political Reader: compilation of the thematic calls and texts as food for thought for the conference.
  • Global PGA: presentation and history of the global PGA network.
  • Plaisantation: information booklet on PGA/STAMP, to be read.
  • Facilitation: practical guide on consensus decision making and meeting facilitation.
  • Program
  • Legal Advice
  • By the Way! a text on interpersonal relationships.
  • Conference Newspaper: containing meeting reports, participants' feedback & subjective story-telling produced during the conference.


During the Conference

Practical Guide

Political Reader

Global PGA


Plaisantation is an information booklet on PGA, Sans-Titre and STAMP.

English text version PDF version (4.9 Mb)
PDF version (7.6 Mb)
French text version PDF version (2.6 Mb)



By the Way !

Conference Newspaper



Plaquette is a synthetic presentation & invitation to the fourth european PGA encounters.

  • Low Quality: for online reading, light file not suitable for printing.
  • High Quality: for printing, heavy file not suitable for dissemination.

First Version

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Second Version

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Paving Stone

English translation of LePavé (paving-stone), summing up the organisation process of the conference, updated as work goes on, as meetings get done, as reports are merged into it and so on. It's available on the STAMP wiki.