Digital Struggles

Submitted by admin on Sun, 2006-06-04 14:44.

This topic will be addressed in the decentralised gathering in Dijon.

Indymedia & the Movement - Defense of Activist Servers & Autonomous Communication Structures - Digital Resistances (P2P, Free Software, etc.).


Alternative Servers vs. New Repressions

How can we collectively face new laws enforcing data retention on the internet, to prevent our communication structures from becoming the weak points in our activism? How can we build strong user communities around alternative servers, to allow awareness and solidarity in case of problems (since right now, most activists using our services don't realise it's important and won't easily mobilise to defend it)? Possible legal attacks, individual & collective responsability, resistance tactics, etc.

See the more in-depth invitation for this specific discussion. It is available here.

Indymedia & the Movement, Mediactivism, etc.

There's a co-dependency between indymedia & grass-roots, anti-authoritarian & anti-capitalist movements it emerged from; but a new mediactivist "trend" is popping up around indymedia - dangers? perspectives? how can we rebuild/ensure closer interaction in between indymedia & radical social movements, etc.?

New Digital Struggles, Geek Fights

Software patents, repression of peer to peer, IP & data retention laws are attacking digital freedom daily; some geeks try to defend their territory, and some new struggles emerge with difficulty - how can we interact with, extend these fights? what are the perspectives, tactics, etc.? how can hacklabs/open-access space bring together geek & activist cultures and possibly fill the gap?

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